About Us

Mentorithm is an online media company acting as a mentor exchange platform.

We aim to develop video-based training and tips on search marketing, analytics and improving reach across different social platforms.

Our Head Honcho is the editor Omid Irani who has the final say on editorial research at Mentorithm and affiliated content on partner sites. We look to stay abreast of the news in the digital industry and offer our opinions and perspectives where we feel that we can add value across social media.

In addition to video and mentoring services, we write articles and blog posts on niche aspects of search engine optimisation.

We're here to provide education, insights and training into all things digital.

Guest Posts

We encourage other writers and potential mentors that wish to contribute articles to Mentorithm.

If you're interested in becoming a contributing author in a topic that would be of interest to our readers, then read our guidelines first before sending us a message with your proposal.

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